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  • How will I have my video call with Dr. Lupita?
    Once you click on the "Make an Appointment" button, a calendar will appear with available dates and times, choose the day and time that is most appropriate for you, then click on the "Next" button and you must fill in the requested data: name, telephone, email and message; In this message you must leave in writing the health issue you want to discuss with Dr. Lupita Haro. Once these requirements are fulfilled, click on the button: "Pay Now" and once the payment is made with PayPal or with a Card (debit/credit) you will receive an email with the "confirmation" of your session, the date and the time, you will be sent a "Zoom" link in which, when you CLICK, you will be able to connect at the scheduled time and have your session.
  • I need a medical consultation, how do I get it?
    On this page we can schedule VIDEO CALL sessions with Dr. Lupita Haro, which is NOT the same as a medical consultation, for this both the doctor and the patient must be physically present in a medical office, so in In this case, you must book directly with your assistant by phone in Mexico at 52-664-4094596.
  • I have studies or documents that I would like Dr. Lupita to review; what I do?
    Ideally, you have to schedule an appointment for a face-to-face Medical Consultation by phone in Mexico (664) 4094596; If you live far away or cannot go to a Medical Consultation, a VIDEO CALL SESSION CAN HELP YOU, just click on any of the red buttons with the legend MAKE AN APPOINTMENT on this page to book a 45 min session. by VIDEO CALL, once you have scheduled your session and paid the corresponding 60dlls; A LINK will be sent to your email by which, by clicking on the day and time of your scheduled session, you will be able to have real-time contact with Dr. Lupita Haro. YOU MUST SEND YOUR STUDIES OR ANY DOCUMENT YOU NEED THE DOCTOR TO SEE 1 WEEK BEFORE YOUR SESSION to the email: and we remind you that this IS NOT A MEDICAL CONSULTATION as such, but a personalized question and answer session with the Dr. Lupita Haro.
  • Several of my family have questions to ask in the video call session...
    The Video Call Sessions are PERSONALIZED, only one person at a time can be in real-time communication per session, if several members of your family wish to clarify their doubts about their state of health, laboratory studies, diet, etc. , each one must schedule their own 45 min video call session.
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